All events are operated to raise funds for Harrogate Healthcare NHS Trust Community Charity Reg No 1050008

The events are hosted in order to demonstrate vintage & modern audio equipment and for free entertainment in order to raise funds for the charity.

Events hosted in our regular venues where public attend have all required performing rights documentation to allow reproduction of recorded music.

For online demonstrations the music is consequential to the demonstration and no infringement is intended nor will any such claims for such will not be entertained.

Vinylsessions forbids any copying of audio or video content of any events to protect the owners of any such copyright that may exist.

No costs are deducted from donations in any form whatsoever by the organizers and all funds and raffle proceeds are paid over to the charity in full.

Events are booked on Eventbrite and all contacts remain confidential and fully comply with GDPR in the way they are used however Vinylsessions reserve the right to use these to promote events and solicit opinions.