Satisfaction – YouBet!

Last nights Rolling Stones event (our 14th) was an amazing success and thanks to a very generous crown plus corporate support over £475 was raised. The original copy of the 1967 album sounded amazing on the 50+ year old Sony dream system that ran like a dream even though pushed well up to its original design parameters – testament to the design… plus engineer that restored it!!! Graham Chalmers was up in Edinburgh for the film festival but Ian Smith stepped up to help present a brilliant profile of the band and the album – although a Soul man through and through always the professional! Thanks as always to Ann Townsend and my A Team Karen, Jill & Colette plus Jim Dobbs for yet another great videoshow. Next month 17th July we celebrate The Beatles 1 Album on one of the most famous BRITISH audio line ups ever – full details coming soon

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