Oasis won – 80% Majority in October!

The concept of Britpop 90s albums is something “off track” from our Vinyl Sessions original format, both Blur & Oasis albums really stem from the Vinyl’s darkest deepest days – the mid 1990s and I do feel these were both produced and recorded with digital format in mind. Oasis won the vote with an 80% majority – as I dropped the needle and got under way I retreated to the back of the room to listen. The sonic content of just about all Oasis tracks is massive and the overdrive on guitar was very prominent on the KEF 104s especially to the extent it almost dominated. It was enjoyable but it just did not really involve and blow you away in the same way as rock classic albums from the 70s. That is not in any way a criticism of Oasis in general but rather the production involved with a vinyl version of this album through a system with great dynamic headroom is maybe a different listening experience I for one was not quite happy with.

We spun a few Blur tracks afterwards – nice to please everybody and by context this was different again, much better definition on lower frequencies and far less prominent mid-range overdrive compared with the Oasis production. However you take it – another great evening and the next event planned for 14th November at Starling Harrogate is Beatles & Sgt Pepper!

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