Glory Days! 19th February 2020

Glory Days – Last nights Bruce Springsteen event was back at our usual venue, Starling Bar Café Kitchen, £630 raised from a great crowd who were literally packed to the rafters!

The 1973 Sony amp with just 100 wats on tap took the long event in its stride pushing hard into 4 monitor specification speakers from KEF & RAM, topped off with a regular performer a JVC & Shure vinyl engine.

Colette’s famous raffle had stand ins last night with Dianne & Caroline. Parking was a nightmare last night especially with the rain and facing a full house I did wonder at one point if the choice of a single amp was a bit unwise but remember this is a Sony from the early solid state days and in todays money would cost over £1700 so with conservative rating and over engineering from those times any worries were quashed.

It was great to have Jim Dobbs back with the video show and of course Graham Chalmers did a superb artist profile along with our jovial banter! REM and Automatic for the People plus some other hits all set for 18th March.

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