Help with listening online

Our streamer provides high quality stereo music broadcasting

Listening to online events

In April 2020 following the suspension of all live events a decision was taken to keep up our work online and keep spirits up in these worrying times. A broadcast streaming server was arranged so albums could be relayed live from vinyl to listeners on home devices via vintage turntables & amplifiers etc.

The shows on server can be listened to here:

Once Google Chrome was a real problem as it used to block the music on PCs or Android phones & Tablets but now an easy fix it to just make the streamer site above an "allowed" site when you click on to it. A simple video to allow Nidd Stream is here -

24Hr test tracks run so you can play & test this at any time. Just press the play button and away you go!

Apple player works fine so if you have an Apple IPad or IPhone its easy! If you have apple devices assigned to your smart speakers even better! Just open the link and press play.

Firefox again is fine & best – see below!

Microsoft Edge (or old Explorer) again works fine, can drop to pause after 2 mins but fine after hitting play!

Smart speakers such as Sonos etc will allow you to create the stream above as a Radio Station, little link here:

Our streamer can support several thousand listeners so no capacity problems! Unfortunately many ISPs are running up to the hilt with everybody at home at night and drop-outs happen!